Neons Limited
"Naturally Enriched Organic Nutrient Source...."
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Our Partners

  1. Easy Bio Inc. South Korea

  2. Emulsiflex co. Ltd.  Thailand

  3. Sevecom S.p a. Italy

  4. Tolsa Group.

  5. AT Immune Inc.

Welcome to Neons Limited.

In 2010, NEONS starts its activities through importing natural and safe feed additives from world,s renowned sources to supply the best quality products and services to the valued customers. NEONS Vision is to make human being free from nutritional deficiencies by supplying natural and safe feed and food additives worldwide.

Client Services

  1. Sourcing World class feed additives and other animal health products.

  2. Soonest product delivery from own stock.

  3. Indenting product directly from principal company.

  4. Fair information and technical support.

  5. Opportunity to visit manufacturing plant abroad.